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The Miracle Fibre

What is Mohair?

Mohair comes from the fleece of angora goats. Angora goats originate from Tibet and were brought to Turkey, where they got their name from, in the 16th century. Today, South Africa is the largest mohair producer in the world with around 50 % of global production.


Angora goats are shorn every 6 months. If not shorn regularly they are susceptible to parasites and illnesses.

Long hair may also limit their sight and movement which may prevent the goat from eating and drinking and inhibit baby goats from suckling.

Angora goats are handled with patience when shearing allowing for their natural behavior. Curious and clever.

Fleece is callard mohair, not angora as Angora wool comes from Angora rabbits.

Properties of Mohair

Mohair is very similar to wool in chemical composition but differs from wool that it has a much smoother surface and very thin and smooth scale.


Mohair is a strong fibre that is elastic, has considerable luster (some call it the “diamond fiber.”) and takes dye very well. 


Some other unique Mohair’s properties are:

Because its texture resembles fine human hair, mohair is often used in doll making.


At Alles Mooi, we use mohair to design the most comfortable socks you have ever worn.

Alles Mooi Mohair Socks

It is true we include the same percentage content of both mohair and merino wool in our socks but it’s the mohair that provides the noticeable difference. 


No other fibre will keep your feet as warm in the cold and as comfortable in the heat as mohair will. This is because of superior thermoregulation properties of mohair. 


No other fibre will keep you feet as dry and as fresh as mohair will. Natural wickability and breathability of mohair outperforms even merino wool. 


The smooth fibre of mohair in combination with dry feet make for the most blister resistant sock in compared to other socks. No chafing. 


Mohair is considered the strongest of all animal fibers making our socks long lasting

The elasticity of mohair which can stretch to up to 30 percent and return meaning that we cover size from 36 – 47 in only 2 sock sizes. 


The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of mohair additionally contributs to odor free socks. You can wear our mohair socks up to 7 days without washing.

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